Thursday, January 19, 2006 Released

Version was released yesterday on SDN. Haven't had time to look at it yet, but went through the changelog. First thing that springs to view, is this:
Important Note: it is not possible to upgrade from version to Nevertheless, you can use the common Sitecore package to transfer the data from to a clear installation.
Now this just makes very little sense to me. Especially considering the changes the patch implements (according to the change log):
  • UI - Content editor - Bug - clicking Save multiple times results in all html fields being wiped out
  • UI - HTML editor - Bug - Saving link and maps in HTML editor is incorrect
  • UI - Content editor - Bug - onClick attribute is thrown out from html field when saving

Apparently, all of it Sheer UI fixes. No mention of the IDTable bug that surfaced in, so guess we're gonna be patient for a while longer on that one ;-)

Now I worry though... if upgrading from to isn't possible, and only difference between and is just a series of Sheer UI changes - what about the upgrade from to that I performed recently?

Anyhow. Gonna test out the, and take a closer look at things.


Mark Cassidy said...

Right, installed it on a fresh installation and that went fint without any events.

Then performed an upgrade of one of my existing solutions, and have nothing to comment on that either.

IDTable bug is still there, but nothing in the change log indicated that it would have been addressed. No surprises there either.

Only concern left, is the apparent inability to upgrade a site to Considering there are no database changes between and, I fail to see a reason for this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

As a matter of act, I think they have displaye dthis reason to late. As told in the blogs of the core developer there were much heavy changes between The implementation of Proxy/Linked-items and IDTables is totally revisioned. So I guess they warm you for that.
Also..., I taught was unsupported. Maybe that's the reason.

Couldn't find another reason. When you hear anything from support. I'm definitelly interested :).

- Alex