Monday, September 22, 2008

Update-3 (080912) Released

While doing my rounds on SDN I came across a new update for Sitecore 6. Unfortunately it doesn't appear to fix many (if any) of the issues that has been noted - some of which are showstoppers in my opinion - but it's better than nothing I assume ;-) Hopefully the list of known issues will diminish and we'll see Sitecore 6 reaching bug convergence this year.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

We're planning to do a Service Release in the upcoming months which solves most issues. So far we haven't seen real showstoppers in the released version of 6. Feel free to share your opinion about one of the issues occured in our support panel.

We are close to reaching zero bugs in development, but keep in mind that some of the issues described in the known issues are by design. For example: “^” character is reserved and cannot be used in user passwords.

Thank you for your great work and support of the product