Tuesday, March 24, 2009

090317 is out

Also known as 6.0.1 Update-1. Looking through the change log, this one doesn't appear to be critically important. Unless of course, you are experiencing one of the issues that were fixed. On a more humourous note; a new feature arrived in this release. It reads: "A new MaxItemNameLength web.config setting was introduced, making it possible to change the maximum length of item names. The default value is 100 characters.". If I have ever publicly stated that Sitecore never listens, I hereby withdraw my statement. I blogged about this oddity only 3 years ago... ;-) And in case anybody is in doubt, I am entirely kidding :-) What I failed to realise when I blogged about this issue one spring morning back in 2006 is, that item names with more than 100 characters probably don't make much sense from a usability perspective. Why Sitecore decided to implement this as configurable NOW, I don't really know. Edit: On reading through the original post, I came across a comment from Krystle dated 13 August 2008, which mentions the MaxItemNameLength setting in web.config. Now if Krystle knew this in August, did everyone else just happen to forget about it until today where Sitecore publishes this as a "new feature" as of 24 March 2009. Lol. I am probably overworked ;-)

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