Saturday, April 28, 2012

Back into the core ;-)

Followers of this blog will probably have noticed, there has been a distinct lack of posts lately. Truth be said, I have had a very busy 18 months working intensely with Sitecore. In fact so busy, I’ve not had any spare time at all to share my thoughts and insights with you.
This, however, I intend to change now. And not only that, I’ve also invited my friend and colleague Finn Sandbeck Nielsen to co-author this blog with me. Finn has been working with me on a series of complicated Sitecore projects over the past couple of years and has lots of insights, tips and tricks and nice gotcha’s to share with you. He already has a handful of posts on the scetchboard, so expect things to liven up a little around here soon.
Other than that, I myself will be sharing more insights into the art of integrating external data into Sitecore – something which has been a professional pass-time for me ever since I started working with the product. And as always, there’s be bits and pieces of information from the trenches at the fronlines of Sitecore implementation-land.
We hope to see you all at Sitecore Symposium EU later this year.

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Unknown said...

bring it on Mark!