Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sitecore 5.3.1 performing badly for you (too)?

Yea, I know it's been a while :P Been extremely busy on lots of projects of a non-Sitecore nature, so haven't really been getting new material to write about. Until today that is. Ok so, 2 colleagues were pretty much getting ready to tear an entire solution apart, looking for the source of a massive performance issue inside the Sitecore client. We're talking like 30 seconds+, for clicking any item in the Content Editor - fun stuff, I tell ya. Ok, so the SQL databases were not set to "Simple Recovery" - this on it's own caused a growth in the log-files to the neighbourhood of 3 gigabytes. And here comes me, thinking I'll save the day before lives are lost - and quickly switch it to "Simple" and sort out the performance issue. You know - two birds with one stone, kinda thing. But no. Instead I found myself getting caught up in endless log prowling activity, minuteously replacing single files one by one, to try and track down this problem. Eventually I turn to a colleague of mine, who has worked pretty much non-stop on Sitecore projects for the past 2 years - to see if he has a helping hand for me. Indeed. He turned me to a solution he had opened in the Sitecore support site, back in May 2007.
Change source to GUID on these /sitecore/templates/system/Templates/Sections/Appearance/Appearance/__Subitems Sorting – Source: {B01EB085-82BC-4D79-B15F-90EAB9E98062} /sitecore/templates/system/Templates/Sections/Publishing/ Publishing /__Publishing groups – Source: {D9E44555-02A6-407A-B4FC-96B9026CAADD} This should resolve your performance issue.
And sure enough. Without really having a clue why, this actually solved any and all issues we had with performance on the solution - just like that. Go figure. The support issue is closed with the words; "It is already fixed in Sitecore 5.3.1 and it is related just to Sitecore 5.3.1.". Who knows....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marc,

I can't remember exactly what build this issue was related to, but the problem was that these two fields in the standard template were lookup fields, referring to an "illegal" item.

This means that every time you requested an item, Sitecore would attempt to look up the values of these fields, - which didn't exists.

The fix was released shortly after tbe bug was identified. I do agree that the ""It is already fixed in Sitecore..." doesn't make sense :-)